• Bestseller du Sunday Times, " Du chagrin à l'espoir, une histoire bouleversante. " Closer 1948. Sarah vit avec sa mère alcoolique qui se prostitue dans un quartier pauvre de Londres. Quand celle-ci accouche d'un petit garcon, elle demande à sa fille de 13 ans de se débarrasser du nourrisson. Mais Sarah ne peut s'y résoudre et décide d'élever son petit frère, qu'elle a elle-même prénommé Tommy.
    Cinq ans ont passé. Sarah et Tommy n'ont d'autre choix que de fuir pour échapper aux violences de leur mère. Par chance, ils font la rencontre de George, un jeune homme de 21 ans, qui vend des fripes sur les marchés et se sent touché par la détresse de Sarah.
    Il tombe aussitôt amoureux d'elle et lui trouve du travail. Mais, si Sarah éprouve de l'amitié pour lui, elle n'a d'yeux que pour Roger, l'ami de George. Lorsqu'un drame survient, seul l'un d'eux saura l'aider. Celui à qui elle ouvrira son coeur...

  • Anglais Nobody's Girl

    Kitty Neale

    Abandoned and alone, you'll do anything to survive...A gritty new saga from the bestselling author of Outcast Child.

  • Meet the Drapers - they're as tough at they come ...The gritty new drama from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Nobody's Girl. Set on the mean streets of 1960s South London.MENACING...The Drapers rule the streets of South London. Everyone's afraid of them - and that's just how they like it.But when tempers flare and a family feud spirals out of control, tragedy strikes, leaving eldest son Danny in charge.MANIPULATED...But he has shocking plans for the family business and Petula, the baby of the family, becomes the scapegoat for the Draper's dirty dealings.MISSING...Years later, and the once united family has now split up. Petula returns to the place she once called home to face her family as well as her demons, unleashing a terrible secret that could destroy them once and for all...

  • Emma Chambers has an way out of the poverty-stricken life she lives - but it might just destroy her to take it...The gritty new tale from the bestselling author of NOBODY'S GIRL.

  • Anglais The Empty Hearth

    Kitty Neale

    Dad loves Mum - loves her to the point of obsession. He's jealous when she shows us any affection.' Set in Battersea in the Fifties and Sixties, the Pratchett family have to contend with coalman Alfie Pratchett's obsessive jealousy. Although Alfie is a bully, his two teenage children, John and Millie, have learned to dodge him and his moods. The main concern of ugly duckling Millie - who looks nothing like her handsome brother John - is to protect their mum, Eileen.

    When a serious crisis occurs at the Pratchetts' home, Alfie is forced to watch his whole world gradually collapse around him. Their old life has gone forever, and a new one has begun - one in which rape, debt, alcoholism and insanity play their parts. And redemption is a long time coming?

    Kitty Neale is a storyteller of rare power, unafraid to uncover the dark secrets that lie behind the well-scrubbed doorsteps of family homes.

  • Anglais A Cuckoo in Candle Lane

    Kitty Neale

    When Elsie and Bert Jones move with their children, Ann and Arthur, to Candle Lane, a modest street in Battersea, they miss their comfortable house in Wimbledon. But the move is the right thing to do, as it will enable Bert to finance his new removal business.

    They are a warm-hearted family, and Elsie soon makes friends with her less fortunate neighbour, Ruth and her daughter Sally.

    But before long Elsie realises that all is not well in the house next door...

  • Anglais Outcast Child

    Kitty Neale

    In this powerful evocation of working-class South London in the 1950s, drama and heartbreak wreak havoc in the life of young Daisy Bacon, guardian of her Cousin Lizzie.

    When her mother Judith is run over and killed outside their house, Daisy retreats into a world of silence. Blaming herself for the accident, the girl is unable to utter a word. The happy family home becomes a prison, with her stepmother Vera as the cruel jailer. It is cousin Lizzie, who will always remain a child, who brings sunshine back to Daisy's life. However, only when Henry Bacon discovers his new wife's shocking secret does Daisy herself find true happiness, and in a way that she could never have anticipated?

  • Anglais Lost & Found

    Kitty Neale

    The gritty new drama from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Nobody's Girl.Bullied by everyone around her for years, has Mavis Jackson finally found happiness? Or is it a case of going from the frying pan straight into the fire?

  • Three poignant, gritty novels from best-selling saga author Kitty Neale. Perfect for fans of Call The Midwife and The Village.

  • Kitty Neale is back! Curl up with this heartrending new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of A BROKEN FAMILY and A FATHER'S REVENGE

  • Four women seek the ultimate revenge against the men who betrayed them.The gritty new drama from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Nobody's Girl.

  • Will she ever find a home where she can belong? The dramatic novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of LOST ANGEL.

  • Anglais Lost Angel

    Kitty Neale

    Hope never dies... The dramatic new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of NOBODY'S GIRL. Desperate Without any possessions or even a home, Hilda Stone and her 14-year-old daughter Ellen are desperate for a miracle. Approached by a strange woman foretelling that Hilda's lost husband is alive, they are astonished when the prediction becomes a reality and against all odds, Douglas Stone returns home. Devastated Years later Ellen is happily married when her baby daughter, Sarah, is tragically killed. Blaming herself for the accident Ellen feels unable to go on until she remembers the woman's prediction all those years ago. Distraught Eager to believe that Sarah is still with her Ellen becomes obsessed with finding proof of an afterlife, only to be disappointed. She reaches rock bottom. Determined But then one day, when she least expects it, Ellen is given a sign. But will it provide her with the answers she so desperately needs?