• CSI meets Jack the Ripper in early 20th century Barcelona: captivating, scary and genre-breaking.In 1917, Barcelona's infamous Raval district is alive with outlandish rumours. A monster is abducting and murdering young children. The police are either powerless to prevent his terrible crimes,or indifferent to them, since they concern only the sons and daughters of prostitutes. But Inspector Moises Corvo is determined to stop the outrages, and punish their perpetrator. His inquiries take him on a tour of the Catalan capital,through slum, high-class brothel and casino, and end in a stomach-turning revelation.Barcelona Shadows is based on a true story, found by Barcelona CSI Marc Pastor in the archives of the Barcelona police.

  • 1912 : cest dans une Barcelone misérable, corrompue et impitoyable que lauteur met en scène un fait réel celui de la "vampire" Enriqueta Marti Ripolles. La ville offre un cadre idéal aux méfaits de cette maquerelle sanguinaire qui volait des enfants pour les offrir aux dépravés de la haute société ou les tuer pour sa propre "consommation".