• The first major biography of V.S. Naipaul, the controversial and enigmatic Nobel laureate: a stunning writer whose only stated ambition was greatness, in pursuit of which goal nothing else was sacred. Beginning in rich detail in Trinidad, where Naipaul was born into an Indian family, Patrick French skillfully examines Naipaul';s life within a displaced community and his fierce ambition at school. He describes how, on scholarship at Oxford, homesickness and depression struck with great force; the ways in which Naipaul';s first wife helped him to cope and their otherwise fraught marriage; and Naipaul';s struggles throughout subsequent uncertainties in England, including his twenty-five-year-long affair.Naipaul';s extraordinary gift—producing, uniquely, masterpieces of both fiction and nonfiction—is most of all born of a forceful, visionary impulse, whose roots French traces with a sympathetic brilliance and devastating insight.From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Tibet has long fascinated the West, but what really lies beyond our romantic image of a mystical mountain kingdom of peace and spirituality? Patrick French set out to discover the truth, and his extraordinary account has been widely acclaimed.

    Travelling through the country, French meets exiled monks, nomads and a nun secretly fighting Chinese rule, but also young Tibetans with a more pragmatic attitude to their situation. Interweaving these encounters with little-known stories of war and turmoil from Tibet's past, he reveals a more nuanced, fascinating and surprising picture of this complex place than any other book has done.

  • At midnight on 14 August 1947, Britain's 350-year-old Indian Empire was broken into three pieces. The greatest mass migration in history began, as Muslims fled north and Hindus fled south, and Britain's role as an imperial power came to an end.

    Patrick French's vivid and surprising account of the chaotic final years of colonial rule in India has been acclaimed as the definitive book on this subject. Journeying across India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, he brings to life a cast of characters including spies, idealists, freedom fighters and politicians from Churchill to Gandhi.

  • Shortlisted for the 2008 BBC4 Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction

  • Soldier, explorer, mystic, guru and spy, Francis Younghusband began his colonial career as a military adventurer and became a radical visionary who preached free love to his followers.

    Patrick French's award-winning biography traces the unpredictable life of the maverick with the 'damned rum name', who singlehandedly led the 1904 British invasion of Tibet, discovered a new route from China to India, organized the first expeditions up Mount Everest and attempted to start a new world religion. Following in Younghusband's footsteps, from Calcutta to the snows of the Himalayas, French pieces together the story of a man who embodies all the romance and folly of Britain's lost imperial dream.

  • Muses de nombreux poètes, écrivains et autres personnalités, ces petits félins ont inspiré bien des chapitres !
    Les chats ont de la veine : l'obscurité ne les empêche pas de lire
    Louis Scutenaire
    Carlos Vaquera : Félin pour l'autre
    Alain Magerotte : Nelson
    Patryck de Froidmont : Chatbadabada
    Eric Fagny : Chât-iment
    Sophie Potier : Ma vie avec le Kaiser
    Julie Gabellini : L'accord
    Jean-François Foulon : Chat poête
    Patrick Boutin : Crise de foi
    Françoise Bruliau : Mon chat transgenre
    Chloé Derasse : Auguste
    Sandra Zidani : Ce matin ...

  • This book presents an in-depth treatment of various mathematical aspects of electromagnetism and Maxwell's equations: from modeling issues to well-posedness results and the coupled models of plasma physics (Vlasov-Maxwell and Vlasov-Poisson systems) and magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). These equations and boundary conditions are discussed, including a brief review of absorbing boundary conditions. The focus then moves to well-posedness results. The relevant function spaces are introduced, with an emphasis on boundary and topological conditions. General variational frameworks are defined for static and quasi-static problems, time-harmonic problems (including fixed frequency or Helmholtz-like problems and unknown frequency or eigenvalue problems), and time-dependent problems, with or without constraints. They are then applied to prove the well-posedness of Maxwell's equations and their simplified models, in the various settings described above. The book is completed with a discussion of dimensionally reduced models in prismatic and axisymmetric geometries, and a survey of existence and uniqueness results for the Vlasov-Poisson, Vlasov-Maxwell and MHD equations. The book addresses mainly researchers in applied mathematics who work on Maxwell's equations. However, it can be used for master or doctorate-level courses on mathematical electromagnetism as it requires only a bachelor-level knowledge of analysis.

  • Multimedia networking applications and, in particular, the transport of c- pressed video are expected to contribute signi?cantly to the tra?c in the future Internet and wireless networks. For transport over networks, video is typically encoded (i. e. , compressed) to reduce the bandwidth requirements. Even compressed video, however, requires large bandwidths of the order of hundred kbps or Mbps. In addition, compressed video streams typically - hibit highly variable bit rates (VBR) as well as long range dependence (LRD) properties. This, in conjunction with the stringent Quality of Service (QoS) requirements (loss and delay) of video tra?c, makes the transport of video tra?covercommunicationnetworksachallengingproblem. Asaconsequence, in the last decade the networking research community has witnessed an - plosion in research on all aspects of video transport. The characteristics of video tra?c, video tra?c modeling, as well as protocols and mechanisms for the e?cient transport of video streams, have received a great deal of interest among networking researchers and network operators and a plethora of video transport schemes have been developed. For developing and evaluating video transport mechanisms and for - search on video networking in general, it is necessary to have available some characterizationofthevideo. Generally,therearethreedi?erentwaystoch- acterize encoded video for the purpose of networking research: (i)video tra?c model,(ii) video bit stream, and (iii) video tra?c trace.

  • Menschen sind, egal ob im privaten oder im beruflichen Bereich mehr oder weniger ständig damit konfrontiert, Entscheidungen treffen zu müssen und es ist evident, dass es für Entscheidungsträger von großem Vorteil wäre, wenn es gelingen knnte, mglichst viele gute und mglichst wenige Fehlentscheidung zu treffen. Umso überraschender ist es, dass die vergleichsweise einfach anmutende Frage: Wie sollte ein Entscheider in einer spezifischen Entscheidungssituation methodisch betrachtet vorgehen, um zu einer mglichst guten Entscheidung zu gelangen? auch nach Jahrzehnten intensiver Forschungsbemühungen nur unzureichend beantwortet ist. Im vorliegenden Buch wird die oben formulierte Fragestellung aus einer besonderen Perspektive betrachtet, es werden nämlich sowohl analytisch-bewusste als auch intuitive Formen des Entscheidens untersucht. Insbesondere im Bereich der Ökonomie wird intuitives Entscheiden nicht selten als nicht-rational angesehen bzw. qualifiziert. Warum dies so ist, ob diese Zuweisung zu Recht besteht und ob die Ökonomie mglicherweise gut daran täte, ihre Position zu überdenken, wird im Buch errtert.

  • Quelques pages aussi uniques que mystérieuses composent le Cantique des cantiques, le livre le plus commenté de la Bible depuis deux millénaires. Si uniques et si mystérieuses que leur insertion dans le canon des Écritures a suscité bon nombre de controverses chez les juifs comme chez les chrétiens :
    D'une ambiguïté troublante, leur interprétation évoque l'amour aussi bien dans sa dimension érotique que spirituelle.

    Qu'il exprime le lien amoureux entre Dieu et Israël, le Christ et son Église, ou l'homme et la femme, ce chant d'une beauté et d'une sensualité brûlantes est l'éloge le plus sublime que l'on ait écrit sur l'amour du couple.

    Frank Lalou et Patrick Calame nous offrent, dans ce Grand Livre, tous les éléments nécessaires à une approche complète du Cantique des cantiques : la première traduction mot à mot de l'hébreu en français ; un florilège de traductions françaises, depuis la Renaissance jusqu'à nos jours, notamment celles des Calvin, Lemaître de Sacy, Renan et André Chouraqui ; les principales interprétations, verset par verset, par les maîtres des traditions juive et chrétienne ; une version phonétique et une grammaire exhaustive de tous les termes hébreux du poème.

  • Edited by two very well-known and respected scientists in the field, this excellent practical guide is the first to cover the fundamentals and a wide range of applications, as well as showing readers how to efficiently use this increasingly important technique.
    From the contents:
    * The Isotopic Composition of the Elements
    * Single-Collector ICP-MS
    * Multi-Collector ICP-MS
    * Advances in Laser Ablation - Multi-Collector ICP-MS
    * Correction for Instrumental Mass Discrimination in Isotope Ratio Determination with Multi-Collector ICP-MS
    * Reference Materials in Isotopic Analysis
    * Quality Control in Isotope Ratio Applications
    * Determination of Trace Elements and Elemental Species Using Isotope Dilution ICP-MS
    * Geochronological Dating
    * Application of Multi-Collector ICP-MS to Isotopic Analysis in Cosmochemistry
    * Establishing the Basis for Using Stable Isotope Ratios of Metals as Paleoredox Proxies
    * Isotopes as Tracers of Elements Across the Geosphere-Biosphere Interface
    * Archaeometric Applications
    * Forensics Applications
    * Nuclear Applications
    * The Use of Stable Isotope Techniques for Studying Mineral and Trace Element Metabolism in Humans
    * Isotopic Analysis via Multi-Collector ICP-MS in Elemental Speciation
    A must-have for newcomers as well as established scientists seeking an overview of isotopic analysis via ICP-MS.

  • Découvrez huit romans policier thrillers dans le cadre de l'opération promotionnelle Serial lecteurs 2016 , par huit auteurs invités au salon Quais du Polar de Lyon ! 12-21 vous offre les premiers chapitres de huit romans policiers et thrillers, par les auteurs stars du catalogue, invités au salon Quais du Polar de Lyon : - Concerto pour quatre mains, Paul Colize, - Le pas du renard, Claude Izner, - Black-out, John Lawton, - Black coffee, Sophie Loubière, - La femme sans tête, Viviane Moore, - Le vide, Patrick Sénécal, - Les sirènes noires, Jean-Marc Souvira, - Pandemia, Franck Thilliez.