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  • This original short story from the New York Times bestselling thriller anthology FaceOff pairs bestsellers Raymond Khoury and Linwood Barclay - and features characters from their bestselling novels - in a one-of-a-kind thriller match-up. FBI Agent Sean Reilly (hero of Khoury's multi-million-copy bestseller The Last Templar) is tracking a criminal who is in possession of a lethal biological agent and threatening to unleash it on innocent civilians. But now Reilly has a bigger problem: his quarry, known online as Faustus, has created an explosive diversion and stolen a truck from a restaurant car park - and inside that truck is a teenage girl. General contractor and single dad Glen Garber (of Barclay's bestseller The Accident) had stopped to grab a snack for his daughter Kelly when they both got caught up in the chaos in the car park. Thinking she'd be safest in the truck, he ordered her inside, and that was the last time he saw her. Agent Reilly must navigate the chase with nerves of steel, attempting to free Kelly Garber from the madman's clutches without endangering thousands of lives in the process - and all with her terror-stricken father right by his side. For more exciting short story pairings, don't miss all eleven short stories in Face Off!