Learning Matters

  • Mental health nursing students need to understand their legal duties towards all clients, including specific laws for care of detained patients. Yet these laws can be comples, confusing, and difficult to relate to the reality of nursing care. This book is a clear guide to the Mental Health Act and Code of Practice which explains the specific duties, responsibilities and powers of mental health nurses and the care of detained patients in particular. It explains the most frequently encountered parts of the Act and Code and clarifies common misunderstandings. It outlines dilemmas faced by nurses which may arise from possible conflicting responsibilities. It also gives an introduction to other major legal considerations that mental health nursing students need.
    Key features:
    Specific guide to the law for mental health nursing students, written by experienced practitioners involved in MHA regulation in England
    Case studies and examples help the reader relate the law to their clinical practice
    Multiple choice questions and acticvities help students to develop confidence and become critical and independent learners
    Linked to relevant NMC Standards and ESCs for degree-level education.