• In the Author's Note to his internationally bestselling novel, The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon, Richard Zimler described how he discovered a long-lost 16th-century manuscript in an Istanbul cellar written by a Portuguese kabbalist named Berekiah Zarco. More than 400 years later, Isaac Zarco becomes convinced by the pact between Hitler and Stalin - and other 'signs' - that an apocalyptic prophesy made by his ancestor is about to come terribly true. Is he mad to believe that by decoding these ancient kabbalistic texts he might be the one to save the world? Set in 1930s Berlin, during the Nazis' rise to power, The Seventh Gate brings together Sophie Riedesel, an intelligent, artistic, and sexually adventurous fourteen-yearold with Isaac Zarco and his friends, most of whom are Jews, ex-circus performers and underground activists. When a series of forced sterilizations, brutal murders and 'disappearings' to concentration camps decimates the group, Sophie must fight with all her ingenuity and guile to save all that she loves about Germany - at any cost. In its beautifully shaped portraits and in its chilling but sensuous evocation of Berlin in the 1930s, The Seventh Gate is at one and the same time a love story and tragedy - and a tale of ferocious heroism.

  • John Zarco Stewart is an impish child of bold inquisitiveness. Dark and bitter events put an end to his innocence and almost destroy him, but he is healed by the arrival in his household of a mysterious young man from Africa. Midnight is a freed slave brought to Porto by John's seafaring father, and he becomes John's greatest friend.

  • In late 16th-century Goa, despite the Catholic Inquision, the Zarco family holds firm to its Portuguese-Jewish roots. Ti and his sister enjoy their childhood with secret dips into the heady chaos of the Hindu festivals of their beloved cook, Nupi. But as they reach adulthood, the family is torn apart when the father and then the son are imprisoned by the Inquisition. Only someone close to the family could have denounced them. Intent on revenge, Ti is forced finally to face the truth of the betrayal and reassess his most fundamental beliefs.

  • The year is 1506, and the streets of Lisbon are seething with fear and suspicion when Abraham Zarco is found dead, a naked girl at his side. Abraham was a renowned kabbalist, a practitioner of the arcane mysteries of the Jewish tradition at a time when the Jews of Portugal were forced to convert to Christianity. Berekiah, a talented young manuscript illuminator, investigates his uncle's murder, and discovers in the kabbalah clues that lead him into the labyrinth of secrets in which the Jews sought to hide from their persecutors.A challenging mystery and a powerful indictment of the evils of intolerance, The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon is an extraordinary and spellbinding historical thriller.

  • Anglais Love's Voice

    Zimler Richard

    These aphoristic gleanings of ancient and mystical philosophy- written in the form of haiku by award-winning novelist Richard Zimler- capture the heart of the tradition in ways that are personally awakening.
    Love's Voice is a doorway to Kabbalah for readers at all levels of experience. Acclaimed novelist Richard Zimler uses the form of haiku to distill Kabbalistic philosophy into its most essential form, providing a rare and deeply affecting experience of the wisdom of the ages.
    These seventy-two haiku require no special knowledge of Kabbalah or, indeed, of Jewish culture. Readers who do have some background in Kabbalah will find additional-and sometimes hidden-references and meanings in many of these verses. Every passage in Love's Voice verse is a memorable meditation that will touch each reader in a different way. Here is a greatly original yet historically framed entry point to an extraordinary mystical tradition.

  • Autumn 1940. The Nazis seal 400,000 Jews inside a small area of the Polish capital, creating an urban island cut off from the outside world. Erik Cohen, an elderly psychiatrist, is forced to move into a tiny apartment with his niece and his beloved nine-year-old nephew, Adam.One bitterly cold winter's day, Adam goes missing. The next morning, his body is discovered in the barbed wire surrounding the ghetto. The boy's leg has been cut off, and a tiny piece of string has been left in his mouth.Soon, another body turns up - this time a girl's, and one of her hands has been taken. Evidence begins to point to a Jewish traitor luring children to their death...In this profoundly moving and darkly atmospheric historical thriller, the reader is taken into the most forbidden corners of Nazi-occupied Warsaw - as well as into the most heroic places of the heart.Praise for Richard Zimler:'A riveting literary murder mystery, [The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon] is also a harrowing picture of the persecution of 16th-century Jews and, in passing, an atmospheric introduction to the hermetic Jewish tradition of the Kabbalah.' Independent on Sunday 'Zimler [is] a present-day scholar and writer of remarkable erudition and compelling imagination, an American Umberto Eco.' Spectator'Zimler has this spark of genius, which critics can't explain but readers recognise, and which every novelist desires but few achieve.' Independent 'Zimler is an honest, powerful writer.' Guardian

  • Lazare

    Richard Zimler

    " L'aspect le plus remarquable de cet admirable roman est la façon dont Richard Zimler réussit à faire de l'histoire la plus connue de toute notre culture un livre qu'on ne parvient pas à lâcher ! " The GuardianSi tout le monde connaît l'histoire de Lazare et de sa résurrection, le Nouveau Testament reste néanmoins assez discret sur la vie de ce personnage fascinant. Richard Zimler en fait le narrateur de ce roman passionnant et mystérieux, fondé sur de solides recherches historiques et bibliques.
    Réveillé d'entre les morts, Lazare n'a aucun souvenir de son séjour outre-tombe. Devenu bien malgré lui un objet de curiosité pour ses contemporains, il se demande pourquoi il a été choisi et évoque sa relation avec Jésus, depuis leur première rencontre, lors de leur enfance à Nazareth. Puis, après le récit de sa vie à Béthanie, il témoigne de ses derniers jours aux côtés de Jésus, de la Passion, et enfin de la façon dont l'enseignement du Christ, parfois dévoyé, s'est propagé après sa crucifixion.
    Dans ce portrait tout en nuances de Lazare et de son temps, Richard Zimler replace Jésus, qui répond alors au nom de Yeshua ben Yosef, dans le contexte culturel et religieux de l'époque, celui du judaïsme et de ses traditions. Il porte ainsi un nouveau regard sur une histoire familière dont il nous livre une version pleine de compassion et d'une rare humanité.

  • Pologne, automne 1940 : des milliers de Juifs se retrouvent confinés dans une petite parcelle de la capitale, le tristement célèbre ghetto de Varsovie. Parmi eux Erik Cohen, un vieux psychiatre, contraint de survivre dans un minuscule appartement avec sa nièce et son petit-neveu adoré, Adam. L´hiver est éprouvant : l´hostilité du ghetto où tout manque, le crime omniprésent, la mort qui rôde. Soudain, dans cette atmosphère de fin du monde, Adam disparaît. Le lendemain, son corps est découvert sans vie et atrocement mutilé au pied d´un des murs de barbelés qui clôturent le ghetto. Dans sa bouche, un morceau de fil. Quelques jours plus tard, le corps d´une jeune fille est lui aussi retrouvé mutilé. Tout en Erik crie vengeance : aidé de son ami d´enfance Izzy, une figure haute en couleur, il va s´échapper du ghetto pour mener l´enquête dans un Varsovie spectral, dans lequel les plus basses pulsions humaines côtoient l´héroïsme et la grandeur. Une odyssée poignante, poétique, époustouflante, racontée par un mystérieux narrateur qui tient le lecteur en haleine jusqu´à la dernière page.

  • Henrique Monroe, inspecteur de police à Lisbonne, n'est pas un flic comme les autres. Son comportement singulier sur les scènes de crime est même légendaire. Et si ses collègues comme sa hiérarchie s'en accommodent, c'est uniquement parce que Monroe est un enquêteur exceptionnel. Mais lorsque Monroe est appelé sur les lieux du meurtre particulièrement odieux d'un homme d'affaires en vue, Pedro Coutinho, ce n'est pas seulement l'enquête qui part en vrille, mais sa propre personnalité. Roman policier hautement psychologique, La Sentinelle de Lisbonne emporte le lecteur dans une troublante quête d'identité et dans une affaire si criminelle qu'elle pourrait bien détruire ceux-là même qui feraient émerger la vérité.