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  • Anglais The bridge.

    Michel Koeniguer

    • Paquet
    • 25 Mai 2016

    Irak, Région de Kerbala. Une section du premier régiment de reconnaissance du corps des Marines est en embuscade dans un village abandonné afin d'intercepter un chef des insurgés. L'opération va amener les Marines à coopérer avec un agent de la CIA, bien déterminé à arrêter le djihadiste. Parmi les leathernecks, le Caporal Enrique « Rick » Chavez qui vient de passer cinq jours au pays. Mais loin d'avoir été agréable, la permission aura mis le soldat face à toutes les difficultés familiales et personnelles que la guerre met de côtés. Les nouvelles guerres ne touchent plus directement les civils comme autrefois, c'est juste un reportage au journal télévisé, qu'on regarde pendant le repas sur un grand écran plat, et parfois le corps du jeune voisin qu'on enterre avec les honneurs. Mais la guerre est partout, même dans les rues de Los Angeles...

  • Despite the heroic efforts of L Detachment, the unit's victories
    haven't managed to stop the advance of the German war machine. Soon,
    Rommel is at the gates of Egypt, and losses mount among David
    Stirling and Paddy Mayne's men - some crueller than others. In the
    end, they will have to reinvent themselves and give everything to
    push back the Desert Fox and earn their name at last: The Special Air

  • Jean-Baptiste Poulain comes to Auvergne in central France to investigate the deaths of two young women. Both were killed one year apart in the same barbaric, ritual way, their bodies left near the Black Virgin Chapel ... and the day approaches when another victim could turn up. Unfortunately, he's going to have to struggle against the locals' superstitions, the hostility of the authorities, and the hatred all seem to direct at the neighbouring gypsies.

  • Rome the beautiful is dying, the symbol of civilization falling, the empire burning. Hidden from massacres and looting, a strange meeting is held by nine families who share the Roman Empire. To retain their power, they decide to support a new religion?Christianity?as well as its representative, the pope. But who are these 9 mysterious families?
    Later, much later, it's the Renaissance. Christianity prospers. A brigand called "the Scorpion" makes a living by unearthing relics in the depths of the Roman catacombs, which he sells at high prices to princes and bishops. Trebaldi, a powerful cardinal, takes an interest in this Scorpion, who is either a creature of the devil... or a witness to a cursed era who must disappear ...
    This two-volume book includes "The Pope's Secret ".

  • 1941. Almost all of Europe is under the Nazi heel. Great Britain
    still holds out, but the situation worsens with every passing day.
    And in North Africa, gateway to the Middle East and its immense oil
    reserves, Rommel now threatens Egypt, keystone of British defences.
    In those desperate times, three men (David Stirling, Blair Mayne and
    `Jock' Lewes), three unconventional officers, band together to create
    a small, elite unit that will become a military legend: the SAS.

  • Betrayed by the beautiful Ansea Latal, the Scorpion has been captured by the Turks. But he cannot afford to tarry: Rochnan and his monks are close on his tail, Ansea is on her way to Cappadocia to find the true cross of Saint Peter, and, back in Rome, Trebaldi is preparing his reign of terror. As a prisoner or a fugitive, alone or in the reluctant company of people who have sworn his death, the Scorpion will have to reach Karabas before the agents of the Nine Families and discover the truth hidden deep inside the Holy Valley.

  • May 1809. Napoleon's Grande Armée has taken Vienna and is preparing
    to cross the Danube, but the Austrians are waiting for him in
    Essling. The carnage can begin ... Louis-François Lejeune, young
    colonel attached to the emperor's staff, meets his old friend Henri
    Beyne in occupied Vienna. He also meets the beautiful Anna Krauss,
    with whom he is madly in love with. Nearby, though, Napoleon is
    attempting to crush the Austrian army, and organising the crossing of
    the Danube for his troops on a single pontoon bridge hurriedly
    erected near Essling. Louis-François is forced to abandon his love
    and return to the front - and the coming firestorm ...

  • The battle has been joined. On this first day, Massena desperately
    holds onto Aspern, the French cavalry charges again and again, but
    the Emperor cannot seem to break the Austrians. Louis-Francois, stuck
    on the wrong side of the only available bridge, impatiently waits for
    repairs to conclude. Not only are his official messages delayed, but
    he's also dying to send news to Miss Krauss in Vienna. However, his
    friend Stendhal, who's remained with the beautiful Austrian lady,
    makes some upsetting discoveries ...

  • After the disaster that was their first mission, the SAS refused to
    give up, and their second wave of raids proved a powerful validation
    of the concept behind their unit. Unfortunately, they still have many
    enemies at headquarters, and now they must capitalise on their
    success. While they lack neither daring nor imagination, they will
    have to contend with an enemy who knows how to adapt, and learn to
    live with the terrible human cost of the war ...

  • The battle book T.3 Nouv.

    Napoleon is furious. It appears the battle can no longer be won. The
    French cavalry is so exhausted it can't even gallop when charging.
    Ammunition is running out, while losses mount horrifically - both in
    men and in irreplaceable officers ... But the Austrians have paid an
    equally steep price, and a complete defeat may yet be avoided. Louis-
    François, Paradis, Fayolle ... Who will survive the terrible bloodbath
    - the better to serve again in the next one?

  • The Stone Cross: The Scorpion, whose mother Cardinal Trebaldi burnt at the stake for loving a man of the cloth, discovers that his father was the murdered Pope himself. When Trebaldi addresses a huge crowd at the end of the mourning period, the Scorpion is there to tell the truth about how the peopleetapos;s beloved Pope died.The Devil in the Vatican: Trebaldi claims that the sacred cross of St Peter miraculously appeared in his castle. The Scorpion must find the real cross if he is to prove Trebaldietapos;s treachery.This two-volume book includes etquot;The Stone Crossetquot;

  • One by one, the Pope's warrior monks fall to the Scorpion's blade or desert their master. Feeling his enemy circling ever closer, Trebaldi grows desperate and hires Rome's best paid assassins to go after him?and whomever else stands in his way. As the women in his life choose their destinies, an old enemy reappears to plague the Scorpion... or perhaps to bring him the truth at last, hidden behind his mask.

  • After being kidnapped by Vance and subsequently escaping, Tess is now officially part of the investigative team alongside Agent Reilly. But despite the constant danger of the lurking assassins who have already nearly killed her once, the young woman refuses to play a passive role. Her research will take her far from New York, under the protection of Sean Reilly - who is about to face a terrible crisis of faith.

  • The mysterious scarred man who was dogging the Scorpion's footsteps took him away from his confrontation with Trebaldi, promising to take him to his father. Forced to follow but eager to know at last, Armando doesn't resist. Meanwhile, the Pope resorts to desperate measures to make up his monks' losses. Old enemies, new ones... Conspiracies and lies... Fifteen centuries of conflicts and plots come to a head as the truth is revealed at last, shattering all certainties and leaving many dead...

  • Tess has gone with Vance to look for the Falcon Temple and its precious cargo, convinced that truth must prevail. Meanwhile, the Church persuades Sean to help them keep that truth hidden - at any cost. On the dark waters of the Mediterranean, in a storm so fierce it could be the very wrath of God, a merciless battle will take place for the future of the Christian faith...

  • Reilly has tracked down the fake Professor Sharafi to Turkey. But the
    man is crafty, and not only does he manage to escape, he also
    recaptures Tess along the way. A chase begins across the hills of
    Cappadocia, with the FBI agent hunting down his enemy while Tess, in
    order to survive, does her best to follow the trail of Knight Templar
    Conrad and the mysterious treasure he was protecting - the one
    everyone thought was a threat to all of Christianity...