Disruptive Publishing

  • Atala

    François-René de Chateaubriand

  • 978-1-62657-303-1

    Bob Stirling

  • Jyros

    J. Joth

  • Tale of a Lustful Seaman

    Anon Anonymous

  • The Love Sect

    Anon Anonymous

  • The Memoirs of Mitzy, v1

    M. Pelletils

  • Flesh and Bone

    Henry Crannach

  • The Corpse Wore Grey

    Peter O'Neill

  • How to Do It

    Gustav Landshot

  • I Found It at the Movies

    Isidore Atlantis

  • I'm For Hire


  • I'm Looking for Baby K

    Joanna Stonebridge

  • Kama Houri

    Ataullah Mardaan

  • Love on a Trampoline

    Sybah Darrich

  • The Reckoning

    Anon Anonymous

  • Peter Pecker

    Anon Anonymous

  • The Pleasure Principle

    Jessie Taylor

  • Rogue Women

    Nicholas Cutter

  • Sexpo Danish Style

    Peter Kanto

  • Colors Roar By

    Alexander Reck

  • Sextet

    J. Hume Parkinson

  • The Small Rooms of Paris

    Ezra De Richarnaud

  • Hell Is Filling Up

    Peter O''Neill

  • The Beaten and the Hungry

    Bernhardt Von Soda