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  • Anglais The Visual Dictionary of Science & Energy


    • Les éditions québec amérique
    • 20 Juillet 2012

    The Visual Dictionary of Science and Energy takes the reader into a fascinating journey through pure science (chemistry, physics, mathematics) and the main sources of energy: geothermal and fossil energy, hydroelectricity, nuclear energy, solar energy and wind energy.

    Convenient and affordable, this book is the perfect tool to discover the exciting world of science and energy!

  • In all OECD countries, digital media and connectedness are integral to the lives of today's learners. It is often claimed that these learners are "new millennium learners", or "digital natives", who have different expectations about education. This book contributes to the debate about the effects of technology attachment and connectedness on today's learners, and their expectations about teaching.
    The book sets out to answer the following questions: Can the claim that today's students are "new millenium learners" or "digital natives be sustained empirically? Is there consistent research evidence demonstrating the effects of technology on cognitive development, social values, and learning expectations? What are the implications for educational policy and practice?

  • Anglais Physics in daily life

    Jo Hermans

    • Edp sciences
    • 16 Septembre 2013

    Finally the Europhysics News columns, Physics in Daily Life, are brought together in one inspiring volume. These pages hold the wonders of a candle flame, the secret of surviving the sauna heat, and the mysteries of bubbles and balloons. Find answers to questions like Why is water blue? How do we localize sound? Why is ice so slippery? and What is the speed of falling raindrops?
    For everybody with a bit of physics background this book playfully reveals insights into everyday conundrums. This is science at its most accessible and satisfying.